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At KEB, we’ve been practicing as long as you’ve been growing.

Our connection to agribusiness dates back to our firm’s beginning and our founder’s work as a farm CFO in central Illinois.

Today, KEB serves a multitude of family farms, farm operators, ranchers, horticultural entities and ag producers from Wisconsin to Texas. Our team of tax practitioners has decades of experience in the agricultural industry, not only with tax preparation but also personal experience running our own farms. 

In addition to annual tax preparation, we also partner with agricultural entities for:

Organizational tax planning. We work with you throughout changes in entity structure for your agribusiness, from helping you save tax money to transitioning your children as new partners. We also assist with finance/debt reorganization and structuring organizational entities to accommodate federal program guidelines as outlined by the Farm Service Agency.

Succession planning. We can assist you in the transferring of certain assets or entity ownership from the current generation or team to the next. Succession planning can be easily put off and often uncomfortable, but is one of the most important tasks to accomplish before retirement. Each of our farm success plans is tailored to your family’s specific situation and long-term goals. We help to advise you on potential estate and gift tax exposure, planning for potential income tax ramifications, and preparing the legal agreements that will document and govern your succession plan. 

Mergers. We look at your farm operations from a third-party perspective to explore the outcomes of combining or merging farms/operations. We also help with planning long-term farm business strategies or assisting with the process of an organizational change, such as a new management team. 

Creation of boards of directors. We assist with creating and developing family boards or business boards of directors, as well as the necessary governance going forward. We also collaborate with other experts for conflict management if there is a need.

At KEB, we approach each of our client’s operations with firsthand agriculture experience while offering a valuable outside perspective. We present unbiased, honest assessments to ensure that the decisions you make are well-informed. Our team approach allows us to review multiple outcomes and deliver the most sensible solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs and vision for the future.