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KEB’s 90th Anniversary - Give Back Campaign

give back

By: Amanda Wells and Jeremy Adams

KEB celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, KEB wanted to do something special to reflect on what beliefs are important to the firm as a whole. Since its inception, there has been a desire to give back to the community it resides in.

“We are proud of KEB’s history of giving back,” said Marc Carter, CPA and Managing Partner of KEB. “As a firm, we care about the places where we live and work. We share time and resources to make a difference. Our 90th anniversary is an opportunity to support the businesses and nonprofits that do such good work in our communities.”

Our Give Back Year

Throughout the year, the KEB team volunteered their time, resources, and talents for the greater good. From the newest interns to veteran employees, everyone was eagerly involved in firmwide volunteer efforts. Employees Amanda Wells and Jeremy Adams are members of the committee that developed and promoted the volunteer events.

Some of these events included:

  • Girls on the Run 5K
    • Girls on the run is a nonprofit organization providing girls in 3rd-8th grade with lessons that blend physical activity with life skill development to enable girls to adapt to whatever comes their way. ( )
  • United Way Day of Action
    • The United Way is a nonprofit organization that provides food and other assistance to local communities around the world. ( )
  • Pregnancy Care Center- Diaper Drive

Unity in Service

KEB team members focused on one unified goal this year: “give back to the community”. Bonds were formed throughout the office with this goal at the helm. Even the newest staff members (employed for less than one week) had the chance to forge new friendships through the firm’s volunteer efforts.

“Not only are we giving back to the community and to all of these great organizations, but it is a good way to get to know co-workers and get out of the routine of the office,” Jeremy said.

One team member was excellent at organizing group outings to his favorite nonprofit, St. Johns Bread Line. Dane Homes contributed over 125 hours of volunteer time to various locations, which earned him volunteer of the year! Dane was awarded a donation for his efforts to the organization of his choice. Dane’s drive to volunteer so often gave others at the firm the opportunity to join in him.

“The vast majority of our people want to give back to the community and a lot are from this area. KEB has provided them with the resources to do that,” Amanda stated.

KEB has gone above and beyond the normal approach of volunteerism. Not only do they encourage their employees to volunteer, but they also grant volunteer hours during the workday.

“That’s what is great about KEB, they don’t just encourage it, they give you the time to go do it during work hours,” Amanda explained. “This isn't to say that those work hours are lost,” Jeremy added. “When you take a day off to volunteer, work doesn’t really go away, you just find a way to still get it done. You are giving your time to volunteer.”

Because of their close work in the nonprofit sector, KEB team members have been fortunate to be able to serve some of our own clients throughout this campaign with their work knowledge and talents.

Amanda volunteered the majority of her time at the Pregnancy Care Center, where she is a board member. She helped to fundraise for events and organize the diaper drive that took place over the winter. Jeremy participated in the organization of the Girls on the Run 5K Race - a true testament to how our team volunteers together. He also provided his professional insights to the Springfield Art Association as a former board member.

Giving back does not necessarily look the same for everyone. It might not be physical labor, it might not be sending money, but it can be, like Jeremy demonstrated, giving your personal talents or professional knowledge to an organization that would greatly benefit from your accounting skillset.

Not an End, but a Continuation

KEB’s 90th Anniversary might be coming to a close, but that is not to say that the focus of their mission to give back is ending. If anything, this past year has ignited a desire in the firm to keep this campaign going. Each October they will celebrate and honor a volunteer of the year.

Since working for KEB, Amanda has seen the strides the firm has made in making a difference in its community. KEB is continuing to make a difference in the lives of others. Not only in those they give to but in the heart of their employees.

“At KEB there is an ease of being able to volunteer and an emphasis placed on it. I have never had that experience with any previous employers. Anything I would have had to volunteer for would need to be after 5 PM or on the weekends, completely separate from my professional life,” Amanda explained.