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Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations

At KEB, we partner with religious organizations for strategic long-range planning, decision-making, and stewarding ministry resources.

Though our work is primarily with women’s religious entities, we know that each religious organization we consult with is vastly different from the next. That’s why our planning process is comprehensive and custom to your specific mission, challenges, and core values.

Religious institutions choose to partner with us because of our transparent, inclusive approach. Because clarity and consensus are vital to future planning, we engage your entire community, whether you have 10 members or 150. This ensures that everyone trusts the integrity of our process and understands the decisions that result from it. 

As we work together, we’ll engage in:

  • Organizational planning — we assess and strengthen your leadership and management
  • Property planning — we help you decide what is the best course of action when it comes to your property
  • Future planning — we make sure you have funds available to sustain your ministry and membership

KEB’s strategic planning considers three core components: your property and buildings, your ministry and governance, and the care of your community. We know that most decisions can’t be made without affecting each of these, so we help you to uncover how they all fit together for your specific ministry. Often, this process also reveals new mission opportunities, renews community life, and opens collaboration with organizations who have aligned ministries.

At KEB, we understand that your organization’s unique mission and transformation are essential for decision-making. We are privileged to help leadership teams plan for the needs of sisters in all stages of their service with a future-focused approach.