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Bethany Jaeger


Contact Bethany

(217) 789-0960
bethanyj [at]

Bethany is Principal of KEB’s management consulting practice. She joined the firm in 2009 and helps leadership teams navigate organizational change. She specializes in long-range planning for religious institutes, capacity building for nonprofit and ministry boards, and technical assistance for state and local agencies that implement a federal workforce law. In all specialty areas, she prioritizes collaboration and collective wisdom from diverse perspectives. Bethany designs processes to build consensus from the ground up and increase capacity to adapt.


Active. All of us—a husband, two children, and one Golden Retriever named Joy

Bucket List

Visit all 7 continents


University of Illinois

Other Passions

Girls on the Run of Central Illinois; NPR Illinois; United Way

Favorite Book

Frankenstein—because it was written by an 18-year-old woman in 1818. Inspired by a dream, Mary Shelley layered the story with themes that are still just as relevant today.